Who Tweeted It First: Customer Success Edition

Customer Success

Working in Customer Success, we hear the same terms all the time: ARR, Churn, MRR, Retention, SaaS, etc. But have you ever found yourself wondering, “who tweeted it first?” Well, we did, and after conducting some very in-depth research, this post was born. This week, we looked at some commonly-used terms in the world of Customer Success and made a few discoveries on who tweeted it first. As you would expect, there’s a good mix of tweets that make perfect sense, no sense, and some that are just hilarious.

Here are the CS terms we researched:

Annual Recurring Revenue


Client Success



Customer Churn

Customer Health Score

Customer Lifecycle

Customer Retention

Customer Success


Customer Success Manager

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Net Promoter Score

Quarterly Business Review





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