Becoming a Customer-Centric Organization in 7 GIFs

Customer-Centric Organization

When a customer-centric organization is taking shape, everyone should formulate a mindset to simply ask themselves on a daily basis – “What is my contribution to my ‘customer’ today?” Here are 7 things your organization can do to get started:


1. First and foremost, you need to get executive support



2. Establish at least one corporate goal to measure contribution to the customer and share it with the team.



3. Have everyone share how well they believe your customer-centric organization is functioning. Are they spending time on the right initiatives and how well do those initiatives demonstrate your customer-centricity.



4. Schedule regular meetings to review goals and create action plans to continuously improve your customer-centric organization.



5. Interview or survey customers to understand their expectations of your organization – how customer-centric are you really from their perspective?



6. Brag a little. Expose the world to your daily contributions to the ‘customer’ through Twitter, your Blog, emails etc. This is an opportunity to demonstrate why prospects should be doing business with you.



7. Communicate with your Customer.


In a customer-centric organization, every department has a responsibility to the customer. Whether you are developing a product, managing a project, adjusting the balance sheet or writing thought-leadership content, there are multiple activities and responsibilities that have a direct connection to your customers.

What steps will your organization take to become customer-centric?


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